last hope of fenhill

A folk-horror adventure for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS * OUT NOW *

come for a wedding...
Last Hope of Fenhill Cover Mockup

Why did you come to Galarnay? It's a miserable place and the inhabitants seem numb to the horrors of their daily existence. An awful lot of people go missing in the small duchy, but nobody seems to notice. Or care. Strange and terrible things are just an everyday occurrence here, though it’s best not to dwell on them. Just keep your head down and pray to Ilmater that tragedy strikes elsewhere.

Last Hope of Fenhill is a folk-horror DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventure for levels 3-6 and contains...

•    Haunting villains and plot hooks
•    Many detailed locations to explore
•    100 developed NPCs to populate your games
•    14 detailed maps of adventure locations throughout Galarnay
•    New magic items & creatures
•    Numerous handouts and other content to help bring your game to life

CONTENT WARNING: This adventure contains themes such as mind control, innocents/children in peril, death, gore, human sacrifice, cannibalism, self-harm, torture, and abuse, which some readers may find disturbing.
praise for fenhill
“I wouldn’t be shocked if it puts some of the Wizards of the Coast releases to shame.”
—Jeff, The Gaming Gang

“It looks and feels like an official product, it’s incredible […]
I believe we will be seeing amazing stuff from ‘Crossover’ in the future.”

—Kenneth, Vindicta RPGs

"I went to bed thinking about it. I woke up thinking about it. Well done, guys!" 
—Caspar, playtester