mystery of the soulless dead

An investigation adventure for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS * COMING SOON *

the city of teriq needs you...

Two brutal murders have been committed in the city of Teriq. On the surface, this is nothing special—life in this desert enclave is cutthroat and violent. But these murders stand out as particularly vile. Not only are victims dead, but their immortal souls have been completely removed from the eternal cycle of life. The murderer needs to be found and fast.

Mystery of the Soulless Dead is an investigative DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventure for level 1 and contains...

•    An entire new city to explore
•    Many factions and NPCs to interact with
•    Lore on the D'tarig and the Bedine peoples
•    Detailed maps
•    New magic items & creatures
•    Handouts and other content to help bring your game to life